Clarification on Bulgarian free certificate of sale to Kannaway.

You may have seen several articles regarding the fact that the Bulgarian Authorities have issued a free certificate of sale to the US company Kannaway for a product containing CBD. This has now been withdrawn.

The certificate stated that Kannaway’s products fully complied with Bulgarian and European legislation. If confirmed, this certificate would have meant that Bulgaria would have become the first EU Member State allowing the free sale of a CBD product.

The European Commission as a result of the issuance of the certificate requested clarifications from the Bulgarian Authorities.

In their response the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency indicated the following:

“In regards to Kannaway’s certificate, due to a technical error when it was issued, the Certificate was canceled. The technical error was regarding the product, PURE GOLD which when tested contained cannabinol which did not comply with the regulatory requirements on the label of a food supplement. Other products in the certificate contain flour and hemp protein which are extracted from hemp seed and authorized for use in food. At this time, the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency has no information that these products have been manufactured, distributed or traded on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria.”

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