Questions from Crop Infrastructure Corp. Investor’s Group – July 2019

Questions were submitted to CROP IR team from the CROP Infrastructures for investors Facebook group.   I would like to thank them for the response …


Questions from Crop Infrastructure Corp. Investor’s Group

1.   When does the Wall get done?

       The wall at our Esmerelda property is expected to be completed in approximately 30-45 days. There         has been a slight delay due to electrical engineering for the security cameras.


2.   When does the extraction machine get set up? ETA on it being active and in play. Some pictures or better yet video of this unit would be appreciated!


        The unit is already built and is undergoing seal tests before being shipped from China to the Nevada facility. We expect the unit to arrive in 2-3 weeks. We will have pictures/video of the progress once it arrives at the farm.


3.   When does the planting start for each farm?


      The Dozen – Pending WA State Construction Approval

      Wheeler Park – Planting occurs weekly

      California – Complete

      Nye County, Nevada (CBD) – 20 days from now

      Esmerelda County, Nevada (THC) – Pending completion of the wall

      Oklahoma – 10 days


4.   When will the planting be done?


     The Dozen – Pending WA State Construction Approval

     Wheeler Park – Planting occurs and is completed weekly

     California – Complete

     Nye County, Nevada (CBD) – 7 days after planting starts

     Esmerelda County, Nevada (THC) – Pending completion of the wall

     Oklahoma – 5 days after planting starts


 5.   Are there any more pre-sold deals in the works?


     We cannot answer this as it would be selective disclosure.


 6.   Projected date of harvests?

     The Dozen – Pending WA State Construction Approval

     Wheeler Park – Weekly

     California – 60 Days for the indoor, September for the outdoor

     Nye County, Nevada (CBD) – September/October – weather permitting

     Esmerelda County, Nevada (THC) – TBD – Based on timeline of wall completion

     Oklahoma – September/October


 7.   Are you currently in talks with other states? If so, can you slide to perhaps which ones?


     We cannot say specifically as that would be selective disclosure. Having said that, the company is looking into every state with a recreational agenda and well-developed medicinal infrastructure.


 8. What current real estate assets are you collecting rent from?


     Currently just Wheeler Park.


9.   Will farmers who switch to hemp have first priority when it comes to hemp sales?


       This question is unclear. Please rephrase if you would like it answered.


 10.   What is Crops plan if Congress lifts banking restrictions on Cannabis etc. and some can borrow from banks and not                 Crop?


     This will also allow CROP to borrow from traditional lenders, however, CROP will still retain it’s first mover advantage and footprint.


11.  When can investors expect aerial video and footage of Michael Yorke speaking to the company’s assets, as well as the                 company’s direction?  


     Michael will have an increasing media presence in the coming weeks and months – including podcasts and on camera interviews with mainstream business media. The company is organizing the shooting of drone footage now and will share with the public once it has been completed.


12.   Status on CannaDrink? We know you brought an ex Coca Cola employee are we still doing this and developing the                     drinks? Any eta on this part of business?


     Everything is still moving forward with CannaDrink and yes Arashdeep Singh (formerly of Coca Cola) is still head of the marketing for it. The company is working with formulators now to refine the products in preparation for consumer testing.


13.  What company is associated with the 1.5 million pounds of CBD flower over 3 years as per Crops PR dated October                  23, 2018?


      The company we did the 1.5 million lb offtake deal with is Nemadji Manufacturing, which is located in Osceola, Wisconsin.


14.   Has Crop received payment from MYM for the 120 acre partnership that was press released not long ago?


    Yes, the agreed upon amount has been paid in full to CROP.


15.   What is status of San Barnardino retail application? Think this was scrapped or not accepted by council as of “yet”                     but like to know where retail applications sit.


     There will be an update on all retail applications in the coming weeks.


16.  Is Crop still associated to Urban Jive in Europe and in America? If so timeline on those products hitting shelves?


     CROP still owns the rights to Yield Growth Corp.’s proprietary cosmetic and therapeutic products in the EU and United States. We have been approved on all formulations and are currently rebranding some products. The products won’t hit shelves until last years Nevada hemp harvest is extracted.


17.   Are Hempire and Evolution products available to purchase in any stores? If so, which stores are they at so investors                can research or perhaps themselves go to in order to sample them?


   Yes, here are the most popular dispensaries Hempire and Evolution are available in:

THC Of Olympia
THC Of Lacey
Emerald Haze
Green Collar
Clear Choice Cannabis
Mary Mart
Bud Hut Maple Valley
Bud Hut Anacortes
Loving Farms
Zips Cannabis 38th
Zips Cannabis 72nd
The Herbery 1
The Herbery 2
The Herbery 3
Buddys Renton
Evergreen Market South
Evergreen Market North
Evergreen Market Auburn
Urban Bud Tacoma
Tjs Cannabis Shelton
Western Bud Burlington
Western Bud Bellingham
Western Bud Anacortes
Living Well Ent Burien
Mary Mart Tacoma
World Of Weed Centralia
Plausible product
Higher Leaf bellevue
Higher Leaf Kirkland


18. Can Crop Grow hemp on the unused land from the cannabis farm? They have 900+ acres that it seems could be                          utilized while the MJ side develops?


     We could, although it’s not worth the risk. Logistically we can still add more to the hemp farm in Nye County. We will keep Cannabis in Esmerelda and Hemp in Nye – for simplicity and efficiency.


19.  Eventually big pharma gets in deep, tough for people to compete etc. Does Crop have a tactical plan or thought                           process to deal with this reality as time goes by and this is the case?


     Once Big Pharma enters the market, CROP will have a highly developed CBD division complete with established brands. We expect to be an attractive target for this M&A event and if the sale of the CBD division were to occur, we would us the proceeds to fully build out and expand the THC division. CBD will be commoditized; however, high-grade THC and strong brand recognition will always demand a premium price along with shelf space.


Source:  CROP Infrastructure Corp. – exlcusive for Reach Your Goal Investment Hub and CROP Infrastructure Corp for Investors (facebook) Group

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When will we see some kind of return on investments….share price has been languishing.